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Vibration chute drives

Vibration chute drives

The vibration chute drive causes a direct vibration transmission to a bin, a chute or another surface. They are used in packing machines or special processes requiring a volumetric supply of bulk materials or products.

The drives are small, compact electromagnets in a dustproof housing. Multiple drives can be mounted, depending on the size and weight of the bin or chute.


Features of the electromagnetic vibrators are:

  • The product flow can be continuously adjusted; also during operation
  • High transport capacity with small dimensions.
  • The vibrating magnet works with the maximum capacity immediately after switching on and comes to a standstill almost immediately after switching off.
  • Practically maintenance-free, negligible wear
  • Low noise
  • Long lifespan


All LEV vibration chute drives are also available in LEX vibration chute drives. These vibration chute drives work the same, but are suitable for the food industry

The vibration chute drive can be mounted by De Wilde Triltechniek or by the customer.